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Changes to the Diagnostic Criteria for Eating Disorders: From DSM-IV-TR TO DSM-V

The chapter on Feeding and Eating Disorders in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental...

March 15

Victory for Rebecca Guzelian & Endangered Bodies

BodyMatters was delighted to hear last night  that Facebook has removed their “feeling fat” emoticon. Facebook made the following...

March 11

Support Groups Now at BodyMatters!

Supporting individuals through their eating disorder recovery. BodyMatters Australasia is excited to announce that we will begin offering monthly support...

March 2

#Fatisnotafeeling Facebook!

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon Please join us today as we petition Facebook to remove their “feeling” emoticon. What...

February 25
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Making treatment more affordable

By Rebecca Guzelian Psychological treatment can often be costly for clients, and we find this is particularly the case...

February 3
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Low Cost Treatment

By Rebecca Guzelian Low Cost Counselling An option for accessing low cost treatment on an ongoing basis at BodyMatters...

February 1
Rebecca Guzelian

BodyMatters welcomes Rebecca to the team!

We asked Rebecca a few questions about herself and we invite you to “get to know her” too, as you join...

August 13