What Is The Matter with Mary Jane?

She has an eating disorder. What Is The Matter with Mary Jane? is a cautionary tale: a powerful, funny and...

July 14

Is “orthorexia” an eating disorder?

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon Othorexia is a term that literally means “fixation on righteous eating”, presented clinically as...

July 13

Five things Australian Womens Sport can learn from the Matlidas success

By Sarah McMahon The Matlida’s heart breaking loss to Japan yesterday shattered their dream of reaching the World Cup finals....

June 29

Fat shaming in the doctors office

There are lots of great doctors out there- at BodyMatters we are pleased to work with many. However occasionally...

December 4

Masada College hosts community forum

BodyMatters is thrilled to be involved in this important event, hosted by Masada College. “I am particularly excited to...

October 23

Fitness fanatics or health?

Congratulations to BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon who has been invited to be “on call” and comment regularly in Women’s...

October 9

Urgent action into the dieting industry of Australia required

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon Endangered Bodies Australia has launched its newest campaign, a petition into a Senate inquiry...

September 23
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Why the calorie in/ calorie out method of weight management is flawed

By BodyMatters psychologist Sarah McMahon Yep, it sounds simple. You eat less and exercise more, create a calorie deficit...

August 5
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Sarah speaks to Cleo about botox babies: The concerning new trend

Younger & younger women are using cosmetic treatment as a preventative measure against early aging. Specifically about 30% of...

July 30
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Three golden keys to reduce calorie counting

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon If you have ever engaged in calorie counting you will know that breaking calorie...

July 28