Georgina (Georgie) is a passionate registered Psychologist at BodyMatters, who pursues the best therapeutic outcomes for clients through continued professional development. She prides herself on being compassionate and creative, to provide an excellent experience for clients of various presentations.

Georgie holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science from the University of New England and a Graduate Diploma in Behavioural Science (Psychology) from Queensland University of Technology. Her interest in psychology began from a young age, when she began working as a volunteer telephone counsellor for Lifeline.

Georgie has worked in the hospital environment for over eight years, initially in surgical settings and then moving into mental health. Georgie has been part of the BodyMatters team in recent years as an intern, group facilitator and blog contributor. Whilst obtaining her registration, Georgie has also been working in addictions, trauma and mental health rehabilitation, where she has gained a vast knowledge of psychological presentations and therapeutic modalities.

Georgie’s longstanding interest in eating disorders and body image stems from the relationship she developed with her body over the years of competing as an athlete. Her goal is to shift client’s relationships and perspectives with their bodies and self-image, particularly during an era of unrealistic pressures in society and the media. You can read more about Georgina here.