Pinpointing a specific cause of anorexia can be difficult. Experts believe that it often arises in response to a combination of genetics and environmental factors. Personality, biochemistry, and psychological and emotional health can all play roles. However, it’s important to understand that the causes of anorexia are not necessarily simple. Some people who have several risk factors never develop an eating disorder, while some individuals with eating disorders seemingly have no risk factors. The more contributing factors a person has, though, the more likely they are to develop disordered eating.

Biological Causes

Some people are genetically more likely to develop anorexia than others. It, like other eating disorders, tends to run in families. Families can help by taking care to ensure that young family members maintain healthy weights and eating habits. Biological factors can also include an abnormal biochemical makeup of the brain. In individuals with anorexia, serotonin and norepinephrine levels may be low.

Psychological Causes

Some emotional and psychological characteristics seem to increase a person’s chances of developing anorexia. For instance, those with anorexia tend to have low self-esteem as well as obsessive behaviours related to food and diets. They may also display obsessive-compulsive tendencies or have a strong perfectionistic streak. This perfectionism can fuel their feelings that they are never thin enough, no matter how much weight they lose.

Sociocultural Causes

Sociocultural influences found in Western culture are commonly discussed potential causes of anorexia. Our culture tends to reinforce a desire for thinness and can often portray unrealistic thinness as a standard of beauty through famous actors and models. This is sometimes blamed for making individuals more likely to develop eating disorders. Self-worth and success are also associated with being thin, and peer pressure can also fuel the desire to lose weight, increasing the risk for dangerous eating behaviours.

When to Seek Treatment for Anorexia in Cremorne

Regardless of the cause of anorexia, if you are concerned that you or someone you know may be suffering from the disorder, it’s important to seek anorexia treatment in Cremorne as soon as possible. Anorexia carries with it serious health risks for both teens and adults, and it requires professional treatment to maximise the odds of recovery and the development of healthy habits.

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