Understanding Body Matters Podcast


Helping those impacted by Eating Disorders.
Improving Understanding. Inspiring Hope. Supporting Recovery. 


The Understanding Body Matters Podcast helps those impacted by eating disorders and body image issues to understand more about these disorders. Our podcast offers professional insight from psychologists, guest speakers and recovered individuals to inspire recovery. We bring to you raw, relatable and informative information for those currently suffering from an Eating Disorder or those who are wishing to understand the recovery process.


Below is a list of our current episodes:

  1. Life after an eating disorder
  2. Surviving Christmas with an eating disorder
  3. Eating disorder recovery talk with Sophie Smith
  4. Picky eating and ARFID with Amy Newsom
  5. What is orthorexia nervosa?
  6. Eating disorder recovery talk with Sarah
  7. Systemic family constellations with Mihaela Homjak
  8. Exercise and eating disorders with exercise physiologist Ellen
  9. Eating disorder recovery talk with Millie
  10. Naturopathy and eating disorders
  11. What is bulimia? The tools and techniques to assist in recovery 


The Understanding Body Matters Podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iTunes. To have a listen click here.

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