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Books can be great personal tools or may even be treated as friends, which give you a helping hand whenever you need guidance or advice. Though silent, books can act as powerful allies in overcoming personal difficulties- particularly disordered eating & body shame. But where should one start when deciding on a good book? There is a minefield of toxic literature out there and we know how difficult it can be to find a resource you can be confident in. This is why we are making references especially about eating disorders more accessible for you. Our bookshop is fully customised and all of books have been hand selected as the best available on their subject.

Our Bookshop

We have put together a bookshop dedicated to your concerns about eating disorders. You can think of them as self-help resources, which can give you the boost you need whenever you are having a difficult time. Resources which can best help eating disorders include those which:

  • Provide techniques to help you stay focused;
  • Guide you to set goals and help you achieve them;
  • Remind you of your self-worth and all the good reasons why you should value yourself and your health;
  • Give healthy diet plans that can replenish the body and help you gain your health back;
  • Address your feelings and help you evaluate yourself as well as your progress;
  • Make you become more aware of your health and personal strength;
  • Empower you to have a more positive mind-set about dealing with your health issues;
  • Encourage you to grow more as a person not just by introspection but by expression;
  • Give feedback to your loved ones to help them understand disordered eating;
  • Help your support team understand the various things they can do to support you in your journey to health;
  • Understanding the comorbid issues that often accompany disordered eating, such as self harm and depression.

Similar to our wholistic approach to treatment, our bookshop also includes literature that considers the social context of eating issues & body shame and ranges from prevention to advocacy to public health, and considering feminist & political thought regarding the same.

You Are Not Alone

We encourage feedback from our readers and appreciate all of your stories—especially those of success. We have heard from teens that had to go through difficult times with their eating disorders and how they were able to counter them by gradually surrounding themselves with positivity, friends, and family. There are also stories on how individuals were given one of these resources by concerned friends and how it helped open their eyes to their situation and that they are valued as part of personal circles.

Whenever we hear about positive resources and recommendations especially from individuals who have dealt with eating disorders, we welcome their book reviews and include their recommendations when they can truly qualify as valuable resources to help battle eating disorders.

We are striving to have the best possible resources especially about health and eating disorder concerns and one of our aims apart from helping those in need of enlightenment about their health condition is to have the best bookshop possible. Taking that first step is difficult. But with resources that are of high quality and are valued by those who are suffering from the same conditions, individuals who are dealing with and would like to overcome eating disorders can begin their journey towards better health.

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