Managing binge eating with distress tolerance

By Deborah Etienne Ward Much of the time binge eating episodes occur following the experience of distress and negative emotions. Binge eating serves as an unhelpful way to manage the feelings that we experience. For a short time after binging some people will feel better. However, in the long term binge eating leads to more negative … Continued

What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan and how do I get one?

By Remie Jaggard The Australian government introduced Medicare’s Better Access Initiative with the purpose of improving the treatment and management of mental illness within the Australian community. The initiative aims to increase community access to mental health professionals and team-based mental health care, with GPs encouraged to work more closely and collaboratively with psychiatrists, clinical … Continued

Help!! Someone I love has an eating disorder!!

  By Psychologist Sarah McMahon At BodyMatters we have a constant stream of people contacting us because someone they love has an eating disorder- and they don’t quite know what to do. Unfortunately eating disorders don’t come with a manual, and so I am attempting to cover the very basics of what you should do … Continued

Please join us in welcoming Jen to the BodyMatters Team!

  When people apply for jobs at BodyMatters, or send through their resume, we are often asked what we look for in our staff. Of course excellent counselling skills, specialised experience, and a good understanding of the health based paradigm are a vital start. However the answer of what we look for in staff is, quite simply, an “x-factor”- … Continued

Why do we binge eat around menstruation?

Psychologist Sarah McMahon talks about this significant issue for so many females! Binge eating and menstruation are two separate phenomenon however often they occur simultaneously. When our female clients complete food diaries or log their eating behaviour, a predictable pattern of binge eating emerges for many around certain times of the monthly cycle. And while many … Continued

Would a diagnosis by any other name taste as sour?

In Australia, eating disorders are diagnosed according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) and feature a cluster of behaviours including a: * preoccupation with food or weight; * persistent concern with body image; * “thinness at all costs” mentality that justifies unhealthy eating/diet practices such as severely restricting food or compensating for calories ingested; * … Continued

TV presenter upsets eating disorders sufferer

By Lydia Jade Turner One of the hardest things about eating disorders is that – as with any mental illness – they do not succumb to logic. Telling someone with an eating disorder “you are beautiful just as you are,” and that “food is not the enemy” will only prove to them that you don’t understand what they’re going through. … Continued

Binge eating help: People who binge-eat but can't put on weight

Recently, A Current Affair interviewed BodyMatters’ Managing Director Sarah McMahon about binge eating disorder help and people who binge eat but can’t put on weight. Despite eating over 5 times the daily recommended intake, a slim physique is still maintained. This tells us a lot about the problem of judging someone’s health by their size. … Continued