The following resources are complimentary. They have been developed by BodyMatters to assist you and your loved ones to navigate the recovery journey. Click on the links below.

For Individuals Experiencing Eating Disorders

Explore resources, stories and insights to help you understand and navigate the challenges of eating disorder. Empower your journey to recovery.

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For Parents, Carers, and Friends

Access guidance and support tailored for those caring for someone with an eating disorder. Strengthen your supportive role through our resources.

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For Schools

Equip your school and staff with the knowledge to create a supportive environment for students facing eating disorders. Education is the first step to change.

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Therapeutic Resources

Find tools and approaches that can help you in your recovery journey.

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SupportWise Courses

Discover SupportWise courses designed for loved ones of those with an eating disorder. Your understanding can be their support.

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Additional Resource

The Butterfly Foundation

Carer Support Groups

These groups are facilitated by facilitators who offer guidance and share their own experiences, aimed at helping carers find strength and strategies for effective caregiving.

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