Choosing the right therapist for you is well documented as the biggest predictor of success in recovery. Psychologists call this the “therapeutic alliance”. And so we invite you to meet our team & encourage you to consider the goodness of fit between each therapist and yourself prior to commencing treatment with us. If you are unsure of who might be best for you, please email us and we can help you.

You will notice we have a diverse range of special interests within the broader context of “eating disorders” & “body shame” to match up with the very differing needs of our many clients. Quite often our clients say that they could tell the therapist they selected was the right therapist for them from the moment they met!

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Rebecca Jaggard


Emma Sheens


Amy Newsom


Shweta Israni


Dr Kylie Mosely


Sally Drinan


Dr Carmel Harrison

Clinical Psychologist

Wendy Radcliffe

Clinical Psychologist

Susie Luchetti


Linn Elieson

Intern Psychologist

Rebecca Guzelian

Rebecca Guzelian


Katrina Dever


Madalyn McCormack



Christie Lomas

Clinical Psychologist

Georgina Lavan


Sarah McMahon

Psychologist & Director

Meet our team

We are delighted to have a number of other team members who make a vital contribution to our practice. Some of these team members include:

Belinda Zheng

Clinical Operations Manager

Madison Pribula

Practice Operations Manager & Social Media and Marketing Manager

Jichun (Jess) Hao

Practice Management Asssistant

Emily Stewart

Practice Management Assistant