I am a Developmental and Adolescent Paediatrician who specialises in the assessment and management of Eating Disorders.  I like to support children and teenagers and their families who are struggling with challenges in relation to their eating or weight, or the ideas and behaviours that have developed that may result in medical, nutritional and growth concerns.  These symptoms may be impacting on how your child/teen is feeling and what they are wanting to participate in and achieve.  I like to work with the family in a holistic way to get an understanding of the problem, reduce the risk of any short and longer term complications that can develop, and to tailor a management plan that supports recovery.

I completed my medical training at the University of Newcastle.  I then completed Paediatric Specialist training within the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and have pursued subspecialist training in Developmental Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.  I currently work as an Adolescent Staff Specialist at the Children’s Hospital Westmead with wonderful teenagers in the CICADA high risk teen drug and alcohol clinic, and the Complex Care team for which teenagers have a complex medical condition with functional impairment.  I work privately with children and their parents/carers at Developmental Medicine Consulting Neutral Bay where I see delightful children who despite their many strengths, are requiring support with one or more developmental challenges.

At Bodymatters I enjoy working with a range of concerns that may relate to a specific eating disorder diagnosis such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and binge eating disorder.   I also enjoy working with patients who are struggling with desire to exercise in an unhealthy way or with patients who are struggling with excess weight gain and would like to lose weight.     

Carina works on Monday’s in our Parraween Street Office.