Dr Burgess is a Paediatrician who is trained in Developmental Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and has a special interest in Eating Disorders. She currently works as a staff specialist in the Adolescent Department at Children’s Hospital Westmead with high risk teens and teenagers with complex illness (functional gut disorders, chronic fatigue, dysautonomia/POTS, complex pain, difficulties attending school full time, anxiety and somatic symptom disorders). She also has private developmental paediatric rooms supporting children with neurodevelopmental challenges such as autism, ADHD and learning difficulties. At Bodymatters Dr Burgess enjoys working across the full range of eating disorders, dieting, fussy eating, body image, weight and exercise concerns.

Her approach is a comprehensive developmental assessment to understand the patient and family story and treatment needs, impact of concurrent illness/comorbidities, biological and nutritional factors and stress. There is a short term and longer term recovery journey towards good health, wellbeing and life participation with Dr Burgess reporting it to be a privilege to be a part of the patient’s care team.

Carina works on Monday’s in our Parraween Street Office.