At BodyMatters we understand the tyranny of distance.

What is e-therapy?

E-therapy is any type of therapy provided “online” or electronically. E-therapy may also be referred to as skype therapy, zoom therapy, online therapy, internet therapy, tele-therapy and tele-health.

Therapy in the convenience of your own… anywhere!

As with all of our services, our work with people from regional and remote areas is flexible, innovative & fully customised. Subject to the persons presenting problems we may suggest some intensive treatment in Sydney to kick start the recovery process. However many of our clients simply see us regularly via zoom without ever meeting us in person! We are excited to know that this means that niche eating disorder treatment is now available in the lounge rooms of many people who would otherwise have to travel long distances at a huge expense to receive a comparable intervention.

Does it work?

We have successfully treated many people from regional & remote Australia and people with mobility issues via e-therapy. In fact, currently approximately a third of our clientele lives more than 200km from our Sydney based office. We have also treated many people who live overseas- predominantly Australian & American expatriates who are living in locations that offer limited access to treatment.

Can I obtain rebates for sessions?

You may be able to obtain rebates under private health insurance depending on your policy and level of cover. You will need to speak to your private health insurer about this.

Some people are eligible for rebates under medicare, under either the Better Access Scheme or the Eating Disorder Treatment Plan. Eligibility is determined by your geographical location. Eligible patients are required to have an appropriate treatment plan and be located in an rural and remote area, namely, Modified Monash Model areas 4-7. To find out if you are located in an eligible area, please visit the MMM locator, select the ‘MMM classification’ and enter the location. Your GP should also be able to provide advice on this.

Managing safety

When working with people in regional and remote areas we have some criteria to ensure medical safety, including local medical monitoring and an expectation of weekly E-therapy treatment sessions. This enables us to partner with local doctors to educate them about eating disorders.

When is e-therapy not appropriate?

There are times we do not recommend e-therapy.

When we can not be confident about your safety, particularly due to factors such as self harm or suicidal ideation, we would normally recommend local management take place in lieu of E-therapy.

E-therapy is also not appropriate for the early stages of Maudsley family based therapy – an evidence-based approach and the treatment of choice for children and adolescents presenting with Anorexia Nervosa. Initial treatment using Maudsley family based therapy is intensive and needs to occur in our Sydney office. Once deemed safe & appropriate (which may take many months, depending on your child’s progress) we can continue treatment via e-therapy.This will involve partnering with the local treatment team for regular medical input.

To find out more information or to book in for a e-therapy session, please contact us on  02 9908 3833.