Which Treatments Work for Eating Disorders?

We are often asked about how to best set up treatment and we hear many stories of people who are suffering and earnestly pursuing as much treatment as possible often this is what we consider to be “evidence-based treatment” however there are also times when it is not.

So which treatments actually help with eating disorders? The Eating Disorder Treatment Plan facilities access to the treatment modalities with the highest evidence base. For your convenience we have put together a summary table and included other interventions and other disorders that we are often asked about, including hypnotherapy.



  • ✓✓✓: Highly Effective
  • ✓✓: Moderately Effective
  • ✓: Some Evidence of Effectiveness
  • (limited): Limited Evidence, May Be Helpful for Some Individuals
  • (not recommended): Not Typically Recommended as a Primary Treatment

Please note, we have included psychological interventions only here. Nutritional counseling is essential for all eating disorders to address malnutrition and promote healthy eating patterns. Further, medical management by a doctor or medical specialist- including GP and or Psychiatrist or Paediatrician is essential. 

Our team has expanded and we currently have immediate availability with our Psychologists, Dietitians and Doctors. We look forward to supporting you!

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