Rebecca Guzelian

Rebecca (Bec) is a registered Psychologist at BodyMatters. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours).

With a naturally empathetic and caring nature Bec enjoys working with a range of eating disorder presentations, and with clients from varied backgrounds and age groups. She takes a flexible approach to treatment, working collaboratively with her clients to individually tailor sessions to their needs. Bec believes that the therapeutic relationship is key to success in treatment. Her therapy style is relaxed and person centred with a focus on being relational and genuine with her clients. She incorporates evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness and motivational work. Bec understands that seeking treatment for an eating disorder can be incredibly difficult, and that ambivalence is often a barrier to accessing, or progressing in treatment. She believes in providing a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their own motivations to recover and to assist them in moving closer to a valued and meaningful life. Bec supports the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach, and works from a non-dieting framework.

In addition to working individually with clients, Bec is trained in Maudsley Family Based Therapy and offers support to families with a child or adolescent experiencing an eating disorder. Maudsley Family Therapy is the treatment of choice for young people who are restricting food and/or losing weight. It harnesses parents as a vital resource in supporting their child’s recovery. Siblings are also included in treatment.

Bec also has the capacity to offer regional clients treatment at BodyMatters via E-Therapy (online treatment). E-Therapy allows her to work with clients who do not have any local specialised services by removing the hours of travel previously required to seek support. E-Therapy works in much the same way as face-to-face therapy, however it is done through the computer and all resources can be sent via email. Having grown up in central west NSW herself, Bec is committed to breaking down the barriers to accessing specialised treatment for those living in regional and rural areas of Australia.


A bit more about Bec…

Bec is passionate about changing the conversation when it comes to eating and body image issues in our society and she is a fierce advocate for girls and women both professionally and personally. Bec has spent the last six years working across a range of specialised treatment settings including private practice, outpatient/day programs and inpatient programs.

Bec’s experience includes working as a therapist in Butterfly‘s Treatment Programs for eating disorders. During this time, Bec worked across both the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and the Youth Program and she was comprehensively trained in meal therapy, providing meal support to clients and their families both onsite and offsite. Bec facilitated group therapy sessions for clients and their families and she was a key contributor to the IOP program’s content and development. During her time with Butterfly, Bec was fortunate to receive both in-person and teleconference supervision and training from Carolyn Costin herself, founder of the well-known Monte Nido Eating Disorder Treatment Centres in the USA.

Bec has also worked as a psychologist at Northside Group’s St Leonards Clinic, in the eating disorders inpatient unit and the day program. In this role, Bec facilitated the group therapy program for inpatients and day patients, in addition to providing one-on-one psychological support as needed to patients to assist them throughout their treatment at the clinic.

When she is not at BodyMatters, you can find Bec at Tara Anglican School for Girls, working as a school psychologist. In this role, Bec focuses on working with adolescent girls to manage mental health concerns and increase their psychological wellbeing throughout their school years. Bec is passionate about building resilient girls and working in the prevention and advocacy space with adolescents.

Bec is available for appointments at BodyMatters on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You can read more about Bec here.