Should Orthorexia be it’s own diagnosis? Calling all health professionals!

  What are the experiences and attitudes of health professionals about Orthorexia Nervosa? Researchers at The University of New South Wales, BodyMatters Australasia, Maastricht University in the Netherlands and NorthBay Healthcare in the US are seeking volunteer research participants to learn about the experiences and attitudes of health practitioners regarding “orthorexia”, a potential ‘health food eating disorder’. The … Continued

Is “orthorexia” an eating disorder?

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon Othorexia is a term that literally means “fixation on righteous eating”, presented clinically as an obsession about eating healthy food. Despite sharing many commonalities with clinical eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa, it is not currently an official eating disorder. Yet according to the National Eating Disorder Association, many people suffer from … Continued