Eating Disorder Recovery Talks and Understanding BodyMatters Podcast

Recovery Talks are events held by BodyMatters that promote a more congruent understanding of the journey of recovery. Our presenters are Recovery Champions- people who are on the “recovered” side of their eating disorder and are happy to share their experiences with you. Highlighting that we are not isolated in these experiences and allows us the opportunity to hear from someone else that has gone through the motions and journey of recovery.

BodyMatters hopes to continue these events because of how beneficial they have been in many peoples journey.

BodyMatters also runs a podcast discussing an array of topics related to eating disorders focusing on understanding how this can impact our lives on a holistic basis and the podcasts are inspired towards recovery. You can follow the podcast on a mix of media outlets like apple music and spotify – find out more here. Many of our Recovery Talks have been recorded and can be revisited on our Podcast.

Stay tuned for more podcasts and recovery talks.

Body Image Group Program
BodyMatters is thrilled to offer our inaugural group Body Image Group Program. This intervention is designed by the Body Project and has great efficacy in supporting the development of a healthy body image. The program is run in supportive small groups and is focused on improving body image. 
The groups are open to anyone who is experiencing body image concerns regardless of what size, shape or diagnosis you have. You do not need to be accessing psychological treatment, nor do you need to have an eating disorder to attend. Attendance in the groups is voluntary.
Please note: Suitable for Maudsley Family Therapy Phase 3 only.

Cost: $300* for the course, to be paid upfront.

*Rebates are not available for this service.

If this is something that you or your loved one would like to participate in, please complete our expression of interest form below.

Body Image Group Program Expression of Interest