Toni Eckert

I attended a Community Forum on the Central Coast where Lydia Jade Turner was presenting. Her presentation on Eating Disorders was so informative and well presented that I booked Lydia with Sarah McMahon to present a workshop for Centrelink Interns and Registered Psychologists, Social Workers and other Allied Health Professionals working for Centrelink. This workshop was attended by 26 professionals from the Central Coast, Newcastle and Maitland areas as part of their professional training and development programme.

All feedback was positive. Those attending were impressed by the professionalism and honesty. They were presented with many challenging questions and were able to meet the needs of the whole group. The presentation format was excellent with a good balance between serious reporting of the facts and humour to get the points across. The audience is always discriminatory and has high expectations of presenters. Their satisfaction with the workshop is a high recommendation! The participants are now much better equipped to recognise the symptoms of Eating Disorders and to recommend appropriate resources for treatment. Details of the workshop and presenters were given to the Australian Psychological Society and recognised for the awarding of Professional Development points.