Getting off weight’s vicious cycle

By Lydia Jade Turner This article was first published in ABCs The Drum.   Last week The Sydney Morning Herald’s economic writer Jessica Irvine published a piece boasting about her weight loss success. She had lost 19 kilograms in less than a year. Irvine extolled the virtues of one simple equation: “calories in minus calories … Continued

The Morning Show asks Sarah about Exhibitionism

Yesterday, The Morning Show interviewed co-director Sarah McMahon about Serena Williams’ decision to post a ‘racy’ photo of herself on Twitter, a week after a man was convicted for stalking her. Along with our good friend and social commentator Nina Funnell, as well as the head of the Australian Sex Party Fiona Patten, The Morning … Continued

The Morning Show asks Lydia if Love Handles can be Healthy

Co-director Lydia Jade Turner appeared on The Morning Show for the second time this week, this time commenting on new research showing that being overweight may actually be beneficial to health. Is it okay to be ‘overweight,’ or is this just an excuse for some to indulge in unhealthy lifestyle habits? Find out here-

The Morning Show interview Lydia about Virtual Boob Job

Co-director Lydia Jade Turner appeared on The Morning Show today, alongside plastic surgeon Dr Joseph Ajaka, discussing a new virtual iPhone application that gives young women a boob job. Is it just a bit of harmless fun or should we be concerned about it? What are your thoughts on this app?