Sophie Ballinger, a member of BodyMatters Australasia for eating disorders

Welcoming Sophie Ballinger to the BodyMatters Australasia Team

BodyMatters Australasia is excited to welcome Sophie Ballinger, our new Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in eating disorders. Sophie joins...

April 29
Sophie Ballinger, a member of BodyMatters Australasia for eating disorders

Meet Sophie

NICKNAME: Sophie QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Clinical Psychology ACHIEVEMENTS: Pushing through my Masters degree –...

April 12
Become a podcast geust in our Understanding Body Matters podcast channel

Be a Part of Our Understanding Body Matters Podcast

  Our Understanding Body Matters podcast has reached an impressive milestone of 113 episodes, each packed with helpful information...

January 30
Four mental health professionals poised for the 2024 CPD Live trainings on eating disorders.

Boost Your Abilities: BodyMatters Australasia’s 2024 Dynamic CPD Training Events Launched!

As we embrace the new year, it’s time to enrich our skills and knowledge. BodyMatters Australasia proudly announces its...

December 18

Rethinking Health Education: A Call to Protect Our Adolescents

In the dynamic world of education and youth health, a pressing issue has emerged – the unintended impact of...

November 28

Exciting Announcement: The New Perth Clinic of BodyMatters

  We are beyond delighted to announce the opening of our new clinic in the heart of Perth. Our...

October 3
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Harriet Iles

NICKNAME:  Harry! Haz! QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Psychological Sciences, Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) (Psychology) ACHIEVEMENTS: Pursuing a career in Psychology...

September 8
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Cameron Brodie

NICKNAME: Cam QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Cert III & 4 Fitness, Bachelor of Science (Nutrition Science) – finishing 2023 ACHIEVEMENTS: I’ve...

September 7
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Ana Garcia

NICKNAME:  Ana QUALIFICATIONS: Master of Arts in Secondary Education major in Biological Science ACHIEVEMENTS: with Latin Honors (Cum Laude) WHY DID YOU...

September 1
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Marilouver Dumanacal

NICKNAME:Malou QUALIFICATIONS:Bachelor Degree ACHIEVEMENTS:Admin Support Awards WHY DID YOU PURSUE YOUR FIELD?I  got satisfaction  when I  practice my profession...

September 1