Rethinking Health Education: A Call to Protect Our Adolescents

In the dynamic world of education and youth health, a pressing issue has emerged – the unintended impact of...

November 28

Exciting Announcement: The New Perth Clinic of BodyMatters

  We are beyond delighted to announce the opening of our new clinic in the heart of Perth. Our...

October 3
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Harriet Iles

NICKNAME:  Harry! Haz! QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Psychological Sciences, Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) (Psychology) ACHIEVEMENTS: Pursuing a career in Psychology...

September 8
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Cameron Brodie

NICKNAME: Cam QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Cert III & 4 Fitness, Bachelor of Science (Nutrition Science) – finishing 2023 ACHIEVEMENTS: I’ve...

September 7
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Ana Garcia

NICKNAME:  Ana QUALIFICATIONS: Master of Arts in Secondary Education major in Biological Science ACHIEVEMENTS: with Latin Honors (Cum Laude) WHY DID YOU...

September 1
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Marilouver Dumanacal

NICKNAME:Malou QUALIFICATIONS:Bachelor Degree ACHIEVEMENTS:Admin Support Awards WHY DID YOU PURSUE YOUR FIELD?I  got satisfaction  when I  practice my profession...

September 1
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Jennifer Puth

NICKNAME: Jen QUALIFICATIONS: Master of Clinical Psychology, Honours degree in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Diploma of Counselling ACHIEVEMENTS: Receiving my...

September 1