Meet Sophie


QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Clinical Psychology

ACHIEVEMENTS: Pushing through my Masters degree – I’d had a few years off study and wasn’t really mentally prepared for the work involved!
WHY DID YOU PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY? I wanted to help people make meaningful changes in their lives. I also had an interest in how the brain works, and how various life experiences affect the development of the brain and the choices people make.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO WORK AT BODYMATTERS? I have an interest in disordered eating and body image concerns, and it’s such rewarding work. I also want to work with like-minded people who I can learn from.
YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE: “I want to see mountains again, mountains Gandalf! And then find somewhere quiet where I can finish my book.” – Bilbo Baggins
WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: On a beach in a tropical paradise somewhere.
FAVOURITE SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES: I used to love soccer, but now I spend my weekends trail running with friends.
FAVOURITE HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Reading, gardening, and hanging out with my dogs, friends, and family.
WHAT IS YOUR SECRET SKILL: I can wiggle my ears.
WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Jane Goodall is pretty fantastic, but anyone who works towards making the world a better place.
WHO WERE YOUR CHILDHOOD HEROES: Captain Planet and the Spice Girls.
3 THINGS YOU WOULD TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND: My partner is great for survival situations (he will be my very own personal gardener and handyman), sunscreen, and a book.
WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE INDULGENCE: Cheese and dip platters with as many colours as possible.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE: It’s hard to pick just one, but I think The Lord of the Rings, Shrek, and Moana will always be at the top of my list.
FAVOURITE PLACES TO TRAVEL: I’ve been lucky enough to do a bit of travel over the years, but my absolute favourites were Iceland and Turkey.
IF YOU DIDN’T PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY, WHAT OTHER PROFESSION WOULD YOU PURSUE: Marine biology – I used to be obsessed with the ocean and everything living in it!

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