Eating Disorder Support in Canberra

As we, BodyMatters Australasia, continue to establish our presence in Canberra, we’re proud to reinforce our commitment to providing eating disorder support at our conveniently located office at 490 Northbourne Ave, Dickson ACT 2602. Our office in Canberra has been a place of hope for adults with eating disorders, especially binge eating disorder (BED) since last year. It shows how much we care about making mental health better for everyone.

Expanding Horizons While Embracing Flexibility
Our services have expanded, but our commitment to accessible care remains unwavering. While we continue to grow in Canberra, we are mindful of the journey and are equipped to offer interim eating disorder support through our telehealth services and Sydney operations. This seamless integration ensures that no one on our waitlist is without support during their time of need.

Dr Carmel Harrison: Leading Clinical Psychologist in Canberra
Leading our Canberra team, Dr. Carmel Harrison, a Clinical Psychologist who is well known for her research and clinical work in binge eating disorder (BED), brings a warm and person-centered approach. With a decade of experience in private practice, Dr. Harrison flexibly adapts treatment to the individual, employing a range of evidence-based treatment including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Learn more about Dr Carmel Harrison here.

Immediate Access to Eating Disorder Support
Acknowledging the extensive waiting times for public services in Canberra, we’ve prioritised availability, especially for adult clients experiencing binge eating disorder. With Dr. Harrison’s considerable knowledge and skills  in providing comprehensive care, we assure timely and sensitive support for those seeking help.

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