How can you safegaurd yourself from toxic body image issues?

Along with the *amazing* Susie Orbach, BodyMatters psychologist Kassie Bottalico spoke to Weekend Today this morning about Endangered Bodies’...

August 9
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Why the calorie in/ calorie out method of weight management is flawed

By BodyMatters psychologist Sarah McMahon Yep, it sounds simple. You eat less and exercise more, create a calorie deficit...

August 5
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Sarah speaks to Cleo about botox babies: The concerning new trend

Younger & younger women are using cosmetic treatment as a preventative measure against early aging. Specifically about 30% of...

July 30
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Three golden keys to reduce calorie counting

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon If you have ever engaged in calorie counting you will know that breaking calorie...

July 28
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The 9 essential things that a girl needs from her father

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon The Best First Date has gone viral, being viewed over 8.5 million times. If you...

July 17
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Endangered Bodies announces their inaugural Australian Summit!

Endangered Bodies Australia has announced their inaugural Australian summit, following summits that have been held internationally- namely in New York...

July 15

Studio 10’s Forum on Body Image

Earlier this week I had the privilege of speaking about Body Image on Studio 10. You can watch the...

June 26

Opportunity for Intern Psychologist

BodyMatters is proud to offer an exciting employment opportunity for an up and coming psychologist to join our team....

June 25
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BodyMatters welcomes co founder back from maternity leave

BodyMatters co-founder Lydia Jade Turner has returned from maternity leave and is taking on new clients again. We are...

June 24
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Lessons to remember with Rachel Frederickson

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon Today social media is buzzing about the extreme weight loss of Rachel Frederickson on...

February 6