Battling bulimia nervosa can be a lonely road; a road that you feel lost on as you wander through what can seem like a never-ending cycle of self-loathing as your mind tells you repeatedly that you must lose weight or you will never be truly loved. The truth is, the only way to recover is to love yourself and realise that you have worth. This isn’t an easy task for someone with bulimia and is just as hard for those watching their loved ones go through the struggles associated with this disorder. It can be frightening but don’t despair. There is help out there for you or your loved one.

At Body Matters Australia, we offer bulimia nervosa treatment in Sydney that is evidence based and utilises a non-judgmental, health-based paradigm where we endeavour to change your connection with food and exercise and work to improve your self-esteem.

How to Take the First Steps in Overcoming Bulimia

The first step in overcoming any eating disorder is to admit that you have a problem. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you have lingering thoughts in the back of your mind that tell you the way to happiness is to lose weight. However, those unhealthy eating habits can be unlearned with motivation from you, along with treatment and support from those around you. Having a secure network that lifts you up is important, so talking to those closest to you about your disordered eating is important.

Talking to others about bulimia nervosa can be terrifying. Be sure to choose a confidant you can trust to support you. This might be a parent, a sibling, a friend, a spouse, a teacher, or a youth leader. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone close to you, reach out to a doctor or therapist. Be patient with whoever you discuss the issue. Remember that they love and care for you, and they may be shocked and/or need time to process what you’ve said, especially if they didn’t recognise that there was a problem beforehand. It will likely help if you educate those you speak with about bulimia and talk to them about what you are experiencing. Once you’ve opened up, allow your confidant to help you find bulimia treatment in Sydney and support you during your recovery. Remember, no one has to go through recovery alone.

Where to go In Sydney for Bulimia Treatment

Once you’ve admitted that you have a problem and decide to seek treatment, know that BodyMatters Australia will put together a team dedicated to your recovery. We will utilise counselling and support groups to improve your self-image and help you re-establish a healthy affiliation with food and exercise. Your efforts will be supported by our highly specialised online yoga service and activities meant to aid in your recovery. We are a safe place in Sydney for bulimia treatment where you can get help, and your loved ones will find support and learn ways to assist you. Give us a call today.