CBTE- Adolescents Masterclass (1 Day, Online) – August 2024

August 29, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Via Zoom

Psychologist and BodyMatters Director Sarah McMahon presents a one day workshop on Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT-E) for Adolescents. | Zoom, Thursday 29 August 2024 10am to 5pm AEST

Location: Via Zoom, Link to be provided prior to the event.
Price: $451 ($400 + GST + TryBooking Processing Fee)
Date: Thursday 29 August 2024

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About the Workshop:
CBT-E offers a promising new evidence based treatment framework for adolescents recovering from eating disorders. Similar to the adult version of CBT-E, the adolescent version is a personalized intervention that targets key maintaining features of eating disorders and provides an additional framework for working with an adolescent client, including involving family members as support. It is an individual treatment designed to enhance an adolescent’s agency and autonomy, build engagement and can be applied transdiagnostically. This one day workshop will support you to apply this model of treatment.

About the presenter:

Sarah McMahon is the Director of BodyMatters Australasia, a sydney based private practice with a particular interest in treating eating and body image issues. Sarah has worked in the field of eating disorders for approximately 15 years and has supported hundreds of individuals to achieve recovery. Sarah is well known for her compassionate and respectful approach to treatment as well as her ability to engage with clients in the early stages of change, supporting them through the recovery journey.



Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of CBT-E Adolescent

  • To understand when CBT-E is indicated and contraindicated

  • To understand the key differences between the adult and adolescent version of CBT-E

  • To understand the key differences between MFBT and CBT-E

  • Ability to deliver the model, including: 

    • Formulation

    • Implement core tenets of the treatment

    • Understand the treatment sequence (including key treatment steps and goals)

    • Access clinical tools to use the model

  • To access and provide psychoeducation relevant to the person’s clinical presentation. 

  • Measure treatment adherence outcomes using standardised measures, including:

    • Monitoring weight

    • Eating disorder behaviour eg binge-purge frequency

    • Eating disorder psychopathology with psychometric tools

Pre requisite: 
Completed 2 day training in CBT-E

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