Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) is an evidence-based treatment designed for individuals with excessive emotional self-control, often leading to social isolation and associated with conditions like anorexia nervosa and chronic depression. Contrary to traditional Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) that targets “under-controlled” emotional styles, RO-DBT addresses “over-controlled” tendencies, emphasising social signaling, openness, and fostering social connections. The therapy involves weekly group skills classes and individual sessions, all conducted via Zoom, focusing on skill acquisition to promote emotional well-being and improve interpersonal relationships.

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Body Image Group Program

BodyMatters is excited to introduce our Body Image Group Program, an initiative based on the Body Project’s proven approach to nurturing a positive body image. Open to anyone experiencing with body image issues, regardless of size, shape, or diagnosis, this online group program is not limited to those with eating disorders but excludes phase 1 participants of Maudsley Family Therapy. Limited to 8 participants, this program runs for one hour weekly over eight weeks, blending writing tasks and group discussions to address body image using dissonance-based techniques. The total cost is $300 for the entire course, with no available rebates.

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Meal Support

BodyMatters is introducing an innovative approach to assist individuals in their journey to normalised eating habits with the launch of “The Picnic Blanket.” This trauma-informed group meal support is designed for individuals aged 18 and over, aiming to bridge the gap left by intensive day programs or inpatient treatments. The program utilizes current research emphasizing the importance of ongoing therapeutic and peer meal support, addressing the distress and anxiety often associated with eating disorders. With sessions available on Zoom, this initiative is accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are current BodyMatters clients. Each session will provide a structured environment with therapeutic role modeling, tackling eating disorder cognitions, and promoting positive social eating habits. Initially, there’s a free two-week trial, post which participation fees apply. For more information or to express interest, reach out at

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