Carer’s Blog 3: Helping your loved one to better manage their emotions

By Madalyn Oliver Often individuals with an eating disorder can find it difficult to manage and regulate emotions. Whilst...

October 12

Carer’s Blog 2: How to communicate with your loved one about their eating disorder

By Madalyn Oliver Communication during recovery from an eating disorder is vital. It is important that the sufferer and...

October 7

Carer’s Blog 1: Reflecting on our responses to our loved ones eating disorder

By Madalyn Oliver Parents, carers and other family members are usually the main support system for sufferers of an...

October 2

Myths surrounding Eating Disorders in Males

By Remie Jaggard The presence of Anorexia Nervosa in males was first noted by Sir William Gull in 1874....

July 31
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Fast demise: Does religious fasting trigger eating disorder behaviour?

By Sarah McMahon Today marks the beginning of Ramadan, an Islamic “holy month” where there is a period of...

June 18
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BodyMatters welcomes co founder back from maternity leave

BodyMatters co-founder Lydia Jade Turner has returned from maternity leave and is taking on new clients again. We are...

June 24