Recovery Talks

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By Tim Fulton

‘Is recovery possible?’ It’s a question we get asked regularly and one that is very understandable when in the midst of the twists and turns of the recovery journey. All of us at BodyMatters are strong advocates that recovery is achievable and we would love to be able to share recovery stories to expand attitudes towards what is possible. We will be doing this with a regular event called “Recovery Talks” where we have a someone speaking to sufferers, parents, partners and health professionals about their experience of recovery. We will be starting these on Saturday afternoons, monthly, from March 2018- watch this space!

In the meantime, we are reaching out for volunteers who consider themselves recovered to share their stories. We understand that every journey is unique and that people relate to their eating disorder in different ways following recovery. Therefore, we are hoping to gain insights from a wide variety of speakers.

All volunteers will firstly be required to undertake an interview, to ensure goodness of fit for this forum.  This interview will also be recorded to create resources to help support and inspire others in recovery. In order to protect your privacy, we will ensure that any resources created as a result of these recorded interviews will not identify you in any way.

Volunteers would be asked to speak in a face-to-face meeting regarding others on their own recovery journey, which may also include parents, partners and health professionals who are also interested to understand more about eating disorders and recovery. We understand this may be confronting for many so before volunteering consider whether you are in a place where you feel comfortable to share your story without compromising your own recovery.  You may find it helpful to discuss with someone who knows you well (e.g. friend, family member or therapist) whether they believe this is for you.

We appreciate that this is a large commitment but we truly feel that sharing recovery stories is so powerful. Not only will it help others who might be questioning whether recovery is achievable, but also gives volunteers a chance to reflect on their experiences and appreciate the magnitude of what they have overcome.

So, if you feel comfortable to share your experiences to help others with theirs or if you have any questions please contact us via email (

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