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Our director Sarah McMahon was recently interviewed by ABC addressing the many symptoms of Orthorexia Nervosa and the importance of sustaining a healthy balanced diet.

Orthorexia is a disorder that is prevalent among both men and women, especially in individual’s lives today. However, it is not technically classified as an eating disorder but more of a mental health issue where an individual becomes fixated on the foods they are consuming and restricting themselves to healthy, clean, high-quality foods.  

Sarah discusses how Orthorexia can have a ‘snowball effect’ and can become more and more consuming in one’s life. Although it is important for individuals to have a healthy diet, Orthorexia becomes an issue when it is impacting the ‘participation an individual has on life’ where they are unable to attend social events because their food routine is being disrupted.

Individuals tend to build rituals on foods where it can slowly impact on their quality of life and can become a greater issue when the obsession and fixation control your daily routine and ‘food becomes more and more fearful for them’.


Have a listen to our director Sarah McMahon as well as other guests Amelia Trinick and Sophie Smith here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/nightlife/orthorexia-nervosa/12358038


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