Shannon is a lived experience professional, having experienced a
longstanding eating disorder. Her expertise lies in collaborating alongside
clinicians, researchers, and organisations that champion wellbeing
through education, training, and supervision. Advocating for person-
centred, recovery-oriented and integrated best practice, she works as a
Lived Experience Educator and national Consumer Advisor for eating
disorders, mental health and palliative care.

Shannon has presented at national and international conferences on the
importance of compassion in treatment interventions; consumer and
carer engagement in design of policy, and education; as well as her lived
experience of an eating disorder and trauma. She was invited as a
plenary speaker at the 2019 International Conference on Eating
Disorders presenting on the topic of “When does the time come for compulsory treatment?”

Shannon has a renowned dedication for eating disorder and mental health reform, representing
and supporting the activities of all professionals working in the field of eating disorders and
related issues in prevention, treatment and research. She is the consumer representative for the
Advisory Committee for National Research & Translation of Eating Disorders. Shannon is co-
convenor for the ANZAED 2021 conference and member of the Consumer Carer and
Membership Committees, and has international links, being a member of AED’s Experts by
Experience Committee.