Fat Chance for Dieting

By Sarah McMahon Why not diet? Let’s not start with the obvious fact that diets actually make you put on weight- that 9 out of 10 people who diet will regain all the weight they lose- and more. You’ve heard that before. The honest truth about “why not diet?” is that we don’t actually need … Continued

A CALL TO ACTION! SIGN the petition to stop Jenny Craig's CEO presenting at conference for leaders of girls' schools!

Earlier this week we posted a blog questioning why the CEO of Jenny Craig will be presenting at a conference for girls’ schools. We contacted the school principal Catherine Misson, of Melbourne Girls Grammar (the school that is hosting the conference), whose executive director informed us Jenny Craig’s CEO is a “women’s health advocate” – … Continued

Exposing Biggest Loser trainer's flawed health advice

By Lydia Jade Turner Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges claims weight loss ‘success’ is a case of mind over matter. “[Being a contestant on] The Biggest Loser… is a bit like winning the lottery. You can either spend all the prizemoney and return to your original financial state, or you can invest it wisely and … Continued

Getting off weight’s vicious cycle

By Lydia Jade Turner This article was first published in ABCs The Drum.   Last week The Sydney Morning Herald’s economic writer Jessica Irvine published a piece boasting about her weight loss success. She had lost 19 kilograms in less than a year. Irvine extolled the virtues of one simple equation: “calories in minus calories … Continued