The other side of privilege

Guest blog by Brandilyn Tebo


My name is Brandilyn Tebo and this is my story. It’s a story about the side of appearance privilege that is not often talked about.

I am a young woman who was constantly told that I was beautiful, and pressured to sacrifice my health and my dreams in order to pursue a career in beauty. I began to relate to myself as a product that existed for others. I developed an eating disorder, lost sight of my internal self-worth, gave up my other dreams and forgot what was truly important to me in an effort to conform to beauty standards.

Only through focusing on my inner beauty did I finally realize that there is no true correlation between outer beauty and happiness or peace. It took all of my courage to give up the belief that my worth was my appearance, to heal from my eating disorder and begin to live true to myself. Now, I’m a public speaker, life coach and writer who helps others break free of their limiting beliefs, discover their worth and live a created life.

You can hear more of my story here:

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