Signs of Compulsive Exercise

By Tim Fulton We often think of certain things as black or white, good or bad. Exercise is no different. Normally, we associate exercise as being good for you, but there are instances where excessive or unhealthy attitudes towards exercise can be detrimental to physical health and psychological well-being. Compulsive exercise, also referred to exercise … Continued

Ortho-what? When the pursuit of health becomes unhealthy

Have you heard the term “orthorexia”? Although an unofficial diagnosis, this term was coined by Steven Bratman in 1997 to describe anorexia –like symptoms, applied to the pursuit of health, rather than weight loss. Ironically in orthorexia the pursuit of health itself becomes so extreme, it becomes the very source of compromised health. Orthorexia is not currently considered … Continued

BodyMatters welcomes Tim to the team!

NICKNAME: I have a few but normally either TJ, Teej or Bozo. QUALIFICATIONS: I recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science at Bond University on the Gold Coast. Before that I completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sports Science at Sydney University. I am also … Continued

The Necessity of Self-Care Routines

Reposted from Eating Disorders Blog with permission; Adapted from original article by Karen Koenig. One of the worst things you can do when you’re experiencing distress is to drop your self-care routine- eating regularly, getting enough sleep, exercising, and doing the small activities that give your life structure and publicly proclaim “Look how much I love … Continued

Fat Talk

By Deborah Etienne-Ward   Friend 1: “Ugh, I hate my thighs”? Friend 2: “What’s wrong with your thighs?” Friend 1: “They are so fat” Friend 2: “Oh please, you have no fat” Friend 1: “Yes I do, look!” Friend 2: “OMG (Oh My God) there’s nothing there. If you think you are fat then I … Continued


By Emma Sheens Can you fully recover from an eating disorder? Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. Often people struggling with an eating disorder (ED) feel defeated, hopeless, confused and uncertain about whether or not full recovery can ever be reached. The label of an ‘eating disorder’, which comes about through receiving a diagnosis, can also … Continued

Exploring the impact that restrictive eating has on the body and mind: The Minnesota starvation experiment

By Madalyn McCormack [Trigger Warning:This blog contains numbers (e.g. calories) which may be triggering for eating disorder sufferers] Source: Refinery 29  The Minnesota Starvation Experiment: During World War II, 36 men were chosen from a pool of volunteers to participate in a study of human starvation conducted by Ancel Keys and his colleagues at the University … Continued

‘BodyMatters’ and ‘The Yoga & Body Image Coalition’ are uniting!

By Emma Sheens What is the ‘Yoga & Body Image Coalition’? The ‘YBI Coalition’ is a group of yoga teachers, practitioners, teachers, professionals, educators, activists, writers, artists, non-profit organisations and advocates that share a common vision – “to develop, promote and support yoga that is accessible, body-positive and reflects the full range of human diversity”. … Continued

Feeling Good Fridays!

Reposted from Eating Disorders Blog with permission. Adapted from original article by Greta Gleissner. Feeling Good Fridays: because it is SO important to talk about feeling good in recovery! Here are some ways that can help you feel good (or at least not so bad): 1. Have a desire to feel good In order to make … Continued