Apps to support your ED recovery

It is no secret that eating disorders have a signficant impact on many individuals lives, however, thanks to modern-day technology, there are now a number of resources available at the back of our hand to support eating disorder recovery including telehealth services that has also become a critical resource during the pandemic, online courses and apps.

Although it is incredible to see more resources become readily available online due to the increased use of mobile usage, this increase often results in more time spent on social media apps including Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook. These platforms have become a great place for educational and informative content, however, can quickly become a place where individuals are found comparing themselves to those they may follow who do not  have a positive impact on their eating disorder recovery. Before we share apps we have collected to support your recovery journey, take this time to reflect and review your socials and unfollow any accounts or individuals who do not support your recovery, have a negative impact on your mood or outlook or who simply do not serve you positively.

Take this time to put yourself first and take control over the content you open your phone to and avoid any social media that will disrupt your recovery journey. Think of it as a  social media clense that will utlimately better you in the long run! We have put together a list of apps to support you during your eating disorder recovery that acts as that little bit of hope each day and help track your progress through your recovery.

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