ED Credentialing and BodyMatters

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BodyMatters is pleased to announce that we embrace the newly launched eating disorder credentialing program, set up to assist those with eating disorders and their carers connect with the right treatment team.

What is ED Credentialing?
The ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential is the first formal recognition of clinicians who have received an adequate amount of qualifications, knowledge, training, and professional development activities needed to safely and effectively treat eating disorders in Australia. 

Introducing connectED
In conjunction with the creation of eating disorder credentialing, ANZAED have collaborated with  the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) and introduced a website dedicated to helping people across the country locate and connect with specialised mental health professionals such as psychologists and dietitians. In short, connectED is a service which allows consumers to access a full list of the providers across the country who are Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinicians.

Using connectED, people who are seeking mental health care for an eating disorder can feel confident in the training obtained.  In addition to this, referrers such as GPs, specialists, counsellors and carers can easily locate and recommend mental health professionals and dietitians. The platform also details the availability of a therapist, as well as if they are providing telehealth or face to face sessions. This efficiency will encourage more timely intervention and positive treatment outcomes. 

It is important to note that this platform does not measure the competence of clinicians (i.e clinicians without credentials can still be qualified to provide therapy), however it aims to provide recognition for those who have received the relevant qualifications and training to meet the minimum standards of delivering safe and effective eating disorder therapy. The optional system seeks to close the gap between the need for therapy, and its delivery. 

Credentialing and BodyMatters
This minimum requirement process follows our basic induction training at BodyMatters and our therapists are all credentialed, or are in the process of being credentialed (ie applications pending). Many of our provisional psychs are still completing requirements for credentialing and all have completed the eating disorder specific training required for credentialing before seeing any clients at BodyMatters. 

To find out which of our clinicians have already received their credentials, look for the ANZAED logo on their profiles!

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