Hi there! I am an artist (half Finnish, half German) working mainly with photography. The central theme in my artistic work is the human body. Due to my personal eating-disorder experience I felt the need to work on that issue at some point in an candid and subtle way. Since for my understanding there are … Continued

Caring for Ourselves

By Deborah Etienne-Ward All too often we criticise our own bodies e.g. “too fat”, “too skinny”, “too short”, “too tall”, “legs are too big”, “stomach isn’t flat” and so forth. These criticisms make us feel shame. As a way to reduce the feeling of shame it is not uncommon for people to restrict their food … Continued

Why my diet isn’t working

By Deborah Etienne-Ward Height is largely determined by our genetics. Similarly, genetics also plays a large role in determining our weight (Silventoinen & Kaprio, 2009). We largely accept that there is variety between people in height; however, we tend to idealise a thin body shape and discriminate against other body shapes and weights. According to set … Continued


The following is a guest post for the Yoga and Body Image Coalition by Gwen Soffer, the co-founder of Enso studio in Media, Pa. Approaching fifty-years old is a strange place to be. In many ways I feel like I am in my thirties. As a matter of fact, I sometimes hear myself thinking, in response to … Continued

The rise of #Fitspo

(Trigger warning: unsafe dieting practices; ‘clean eating’; excessive exercise) By Georgina Lavan The popular wave of fitspo, or fitspiration, has taken over our social media outlets. Whether Instagram is suggesting I follow Kayla Itsines or my friends are liking Ashy Bines’ Facebook page, the message of toned, strong and fit bodies is in full force, especially … Continued

A RAVES approach to healthy eating

By Deborah Etienne-Ward Adapted from original article by Eating Disorders Association. See video by Shane Jeffery for more information about RAVES. RAVES is an acronym which provides a step-by-step process to help with developing a healthy relationship with food. RAVES stands for Regularity, Adequacy, Variety, Eating Socially, Spontaneity. It is important to remember that RAVES … Continued

Finding the right therapist for YOU

By Georgina Lavan  The process of commencing therapy can be daunting, especially when you’re at your most vulnerable. Here are some factors you may want to take into consideration when seeking a therapist. Safety The most important question to ask yourself is “do I feel safe?” when seeing a therapist. Finding someone who you feel … Continued

Reducing Negative Emotions and Increasing Positive Emotions

By Deborah Etienne-Ward It is not normal or even possible to experience positive emotions all the time and be rid of negative emotions. This is because positive and negative emotions serve an evolutionary function by making us feel good after adaptive behaviours and not so good after maladaptive behaviours. With that said there are steps … Continued

Tracking your mental health

By Georgina Lavan I recently went on an overseas holiday. I always enjoy travel as it gives me an opportunity to evaluate what’s going on in my life and de-clutter the fog of everything at home. It also gives me a chance to reflect on myself and what areas I’d like to improve, all whilst … Continued

Sarah makes an appearance on SBS’ Insight

By Georgina Lavan Our very own Sarah McMahon, psychologist and director of BodyMatters, made an appearance on SBS’ Insight, discussing how plastic surgery is becoming normalised in adolescents and young adults. The forum focused on clients who had experienced plastic surgery of various natures, as well as medical and clinical opinions about the rise of … Continued