Job Opportunities at BodyMatters

                  Are you interested in working at BodyMatters? We currently have...

August 26
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Introducing our September Online Recovery Talk Speaker Emma

We are pleased to introduce our September recovery talk host, Emma. Emma is very open about her recovery journey...

August 14

Fat Shaming during COVID

                        Photo by Unsplash In unprecedented times such...

August 8
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August Online Recovery Talk

We are pleased to announce our August Online Recovery Talk speaker Sophie Smith on the 1st of August. Sophie...

July 9

Understanding the Window of Tolerance

                      Photo by Pixabay. Written by Madison Pribula. Window...

July 7

BodyMatters Peer Consultant Wanted!

BodyMatters are looking for a Peer Consultant to join our team. This role involves complimenting the work of our...

June 30
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Orthorexia Nervosa

                    Photo by Pixabay   Our director Sarah McMahon was...

June 23
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September Recovery Talk 2021

September Recovery Talk With Phoebe Jobson We are pleased to introduce our September Recovery Talk Host, Phoebe Jobson. Phoebe...

June 1

Podcast Recommendations to Help you Survive Self-Isolation

                Photo by Pixabay. Written by Madison Pribula As we know, eating disorders...

May 5
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Starting Treatment and Therapy through Telehealth

                Photo by Pixabay. Written by Madison Pribula During this very confusing...

April 27