30 Ways to Incorporate Movement Into Your Day Without Overdoing it at the Gym

By Georgina Lavan


BodyMatters is all about healthy attitudes beliefs and behaviours toward exercise and being physical. We take on a flexible approach to exercise, meaning it is okay to skip exercise to do something else. Our mantra is that exercise is about moving for enjoyment, being social with others and having a fun time. In a few weeks’ time, we will be doing the Color Run to raise money for The Butterfly Foundation – donations can be made here.

To help our readers get some inspiration to move more without overdoing it at the gym, we’ve come up with some ideas:

  1. Do one of Sydney’s many scenic walks with friends – think the Bondi to Bronte walk, Spit Bridge to Manly, or the Bay Run
  2. Go exploring – we live in an amazing city that has so many hidden gems. Wendy’s Secret Garden is an inner city treasure on the lower north shore
  3. Find your own private beach – many of Sydney’s beaches that don’t include metered parking and cars for miles require going on foot. The result? A beach for you and your friends to swim and sun on your own
  4. Head to the Sydney Festival’s Beach at The Cutaway (Barrangaroo Reserve) to jump in their giant ball pit (a big kids dream!)
  5. Play Frisbee golf at Newington Armory
  6. Get your kids involved by dancing together in the lounge room to their favourite music
  7. Walk to your local viewing spot and watch the sunrise
  8. Get your friends together and do a Zumba or Aerobics Oz Style DVD together – leotard and leg warmers are encouraged
  9. Use the stairs where possible as opposed to the elevator
  10. Go to an aqua aerobics class with your grandparent/s for some bonding time
  11. Strap on some rollerblades and ride along the waterfront of the harbour
  12. Hire a tandem bike to ride and picnic with your partner through Centennial Parklands
  13. Do a stand up paddleboard class early in the morning before the harbour traffic begins
  14. Head to Taronga Zoo to their newest attraction Wild Ropes for a high flying experience around the animals
  15. Shoot some hoops at the local park or in your backyard
  16. Visit one of the local baths to do some laps
  17. Hire a canoe or kayak to explore the waterways of Sydney
  18. Channel your inner Beyoncé with local dance studios doing music video workshops
  19. Take your dog for a walk and play at your local beach or park
  20. Visit an art gallery or museum
  21. Take the opportunity to get some major chores done e.g. cleaning up the garage, mowing the lawn, de-cluttering storage or sorting out the dreaded linen cupboard
  22. Stretch to relieve any aches and pains from sitting during your workday
  23. Buy tickets to an upcoming concert and dance your heart out!
  24. Mini golf for a great date idea
  25. Play lawn games – there are great games out there including totem tennis, grip ball, finska, crochet and bocce
  26. Wash the car
  27. Play active video games
  28. Plant a garden
  29. Do social bowling
  30. Join a sports team

Are there any that we’ve missed? We would love to hear your ideas on how you move throughout the day.

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