Overcoming Compulsive Exercise

By Tim Fulton


Recently, Esquire magazine published an article that tells the story of man that compulsively exercises. He has travelled the world but his thoughts and urges to exercise have led him to spend hours in the gym on these trips rather than enjoying the amazing sights on offer. For those experiencing eating disorders, exercise compulsion is not uncommon. I’m sure his story will resonate with many of you.

BodyMatters is proud to be running a LEAP workshop this Saturday the 24th June aimed at overcoming exercise compulsion and achieving a more positive relationship with exercise. For more information or to register visit the BodyMatters LEAP website. REGISTRATIONS CLOSE TOMORROW the 22nd June so if you’re interested make sure you register ASAP!


One response to “Overcoming Compulsive Exercise

  1. Hi Tim! I would love to partake in the LEAP workshop as personally struggle with exercise compulsion and have a history of anorexia.

    Unfortunately, I live in Canberra and at 9 months pregnant, with a toddler to look after, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it in person.

    Is there any chance that I can partake in any other way? Or access the information from the workshop?

    Alternatively, will there be a similar workshop run in the near future?


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