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BodyMatters is thrilled to let you know about our upcoming events and support groups. Each Saturday of the month we will be running support or workshop groups to help support the recovery journey. Each group is moderated by two of our therapists to provide a safe, recovery oriented environment for all who attend. Visit our Events Calendar here. Please note that registration needs to be completed by close of business on the Thursday before. All groups are held online.


  • 2nd Saturday of the Month – Binge Eating Support Group

  • 3rd Saturday of the Month – Recovery Support Group 

  • 4th Saturday of the Month – Recovery Talks 

2nd Saturday of the Month: Binge Eating Support Group 

Supporting anyone experiencing binge eating.
The group is open for anyone experiencing symptoms of binge eating. As with all of our services, we welcome people of all shapes and sizes to this group.

When: 2nd Saturday of the Month
Where: Online.
Cost: $15 per person

3rd Saturday of the Month: Recovery Support Group

Supporting individual sufferers through their recovery journey.
The group is open for anyone suffering with an eating disorder or struggling with any kind of disordered eating. For those considering attending for the first time, our sufferers recovery support groups run on the third Saturday of each month from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Get more information and register for the sufferers recovery support group here.

When: 3rd Saturday of the Month
Where: Online.
Cost: $15 per person

4th Saturday of the Month: Recovery Talks

An intimate, small group event showcasing a variety of eating disorder symptoms and recovery experiences.
Recovery Talks is an event that features someone who has recovered from an eating disorder sharing their unique and remarkable recovery journey. It will also include an opportunity for a Q & A. The event welcomes anyone interested in learning more about recovering from an eating disorder and is open to anyone including sufferers at any stage of recovery, parents, partners, siblings and health professionals. We are hopeful Recovery Talks will increase accessibility to the vital narrative that BodyMatters so firmly believes in: Recovery is Possible. For those of you who are considering coming along for the first time, our Recovery Talks typically run on the fourth Saturday of each month. Get more information and register for the recovery talks here.

When: 4th Saturday of the Month
Where: Online.
Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
Cost: $15 per person

We hope to see you at one of our events!
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