YOGA: A step towards eating disorder recovery & positive body image

Bu Lauren Hurst.

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Having a negative sense of body image and experiencing discomfort in our bodies affects many of us. We live in a society that places more value on how we look rather than how we feel. As a result, those with eating disorder or body image issues experience disconnection from their bodies, feelings, emotions, and their inner experience of themselves.

In practicing yoga we begin to tune into those internal sensations. “Where in my body am I open? Where am I tight? Where do I hold tension? How is my breathing?” We are then able to become more aware of our body for how it feels, rather than how it looks, opening an opportunity for a new experience of our bodies on and off the yoga mat.

In yoga we are able to focus on the present moment and witness each sensation, feeling, and experience as it is without judgment. The practice of meditation also encourages a re-centering of our thought processes, a shift in the body’s energy, and our perception of our physical selves.

Lauren, from Love Body Yoga, suggests that yoga encourages us to have a more compassionate and kind relationship with our bodies, and the introspective elements of yoga have proven to be so powerful. Through yoga and meditation practice we become more able to tune in to sensations in our body and move in unison with our breath. Experiencing self-love comes from rediscovering this feeling of being ‘at home’ in our body.

AND, the best part? EVERYONE can do yoga. All body shapes and sizes. All abilities & all ages. The practice should be and is accessible and therefore everyone can access the benefits of it.

Are you interested in learning more about yoga and how it can be helpful for eating disorder recovery and/or learning to love your body?

Love Body Yoga will be offering all you Sydney area-based followers a 6-week Yoga for Recovery course.

This yoga for recovery course will introduce yoga as a practice that helps you to tune into sensations in your body and move in unison with your breath.

We will learn to regulate and calm difficult emotions, rather than repress them through destructive behaviours and thoughts common with eating and body image issues.

Learn to experience self-love by rediscovering this feeling of being ‘at home’ in your body and mind.

The details:

Location – Yoga Sivana @ 2/52 Ourimbah Road in Mosman

Time & dates – every Wednesday 7:45pm-8:45pm beginning May 4th and runs until June 8th

Investment – $300 for all 6 weeks

To register – Click here!

Spaces are limited!

Please reach out with any questions you may have to Lauren at

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