Eating Disorders Treatment & Counselling

BodyMatters provides specialised eating disorder treatment and counselling services to individuals, couples, & families who are affected by disordered eating and body shame (read more)


Schools and Education

At BodyMatters our workshops are delivered by psychologists who specialise in eating disorders, body image and unhealthy weight loss behaviours  (read more)


Consultancy & Speaking

Our consultations are designed to meet the needs of health professionals, hospitals, corporations, tertiary institutions, community groups, and schools. Our specialist psychologists are available for presentations, face-to-face consults, via Skype, and/or phone. (read more)


Advocacy & Action

BodyMatters engages in advocacy activities in a bid to prevent the toxic elements of our culture that serve as risk factors for developing disordered eating & body shame, or undermine treatment efforts for those that are in recovery. (read more)

Please contact us to discuss our services further or call us directly on 02 9908 3833.



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