Latest book review – ‘Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want?’

Melinda Hutchings’ ‘Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want?’

Melinda Hutchings strikes again with a vital resource for the shelves of adolescents, parents, teachers and school counselors. If recovery from an eating disorder ever came with a manual this should be it: a hopeful and empowering guidebook that serves as a reference point for people negotiating the difficult journey back to health. “Why Cant I Look The Way I Want” is a recovery focused anthology of eating disorder experiences, which highlights fundamental issues experienced by people recovering from anything that ranges from body image concerns to clinical eating disorders. These range from the pragmatics of recovery -such as treatment options and steps to improving one’s relationship with food- to more of the fundamental issues “how do I know what to do with my life?” The book is complemented by personal anecdotes which are interwoven throughout the issues addressed: first hand accounts of real people experiencing real issues. More than that, they are filled with hope, they are the anecdotes of people who have actually recovered from disordered eating.

Things we *loved* about the book:

* A focus on recovery- not sickness;
* Well organized, with clear, easy- to-read chapters;
* Buzzing with tips and tools to navigate the pathway to health;
* The showcasing of a range of individuals experiences- which is paramount given noones experience of an eating disorder or recovery is the same;
* Individual anecdotes focus on key issues, rather than pathological behaviour, which minimizes “triggering” in readers;
* An Australian resource (which can be rare!);
* Suitable reading for a range of people impacted by eating disorders, including sufferers, siblings, friends and carers.

Buy Melinda’s book today! http://bit.ly/a0vhcS and check out her blog at www.melindahutchings.com/blog

4 responses to “Latest book review – ‘Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want?’

  1. my mum gave me this book when i was in hospital in janaury for anorexia and OCD, altho it was dark in parts i found it really helpful reading other peoples stories. did you see melinda has another book out now called it will get better.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you so much for writing this site. This is a topic that really needs to be not only talked about, but also dealt with sanely.. I have read your approach and am pleased to say I can’t find anything to complain about. In fact, there is much to complement. Thanks again.

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