BodyMatters Australasia is an innovative clinic that provides a range of services for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and unhealthy weight-loss practices. Taking an educational, clinical and community-oriented approach, we offer our expertise in counselling, education, consultancy and advocacy.

Our primary service is the treatment of eating and body image issues. This includes counselling people with clinical eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. However we also work with lots of people who do not meet clinical criteria and who contact us simply because they want to improve how they feel about themselves. With all of our clients we work from a health based paradigm which does not focus on weight but rather on restoring a healthy relationship with food, exercise and your body. We believe that engagement in a healthy lifestyle enables your weight to settle in the healthiest place for you.

We take a non-judgemental approach and aim to restore each client’s sense of dignity and self-worth. Fostering a healthy relationship with food, we view health as an ongoing process, involving emotional, physical, psychological, intellectual and social aspects.

We also work with a range of health professionals from medical doctors to dietitians to support our clients with a multidisciplinary approach to prevention and treatment. Our therapists Sarah McMahon and Lydia Turner explain our philosophy further in this video:


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